Structural Engineer Inspections With SMR

SMR Structural Engineering is a Melbourne based practise that offers a wide range of engineering services. Passionate about providing high-quality services, we specialise in projects that range from residential and light commercial sites through to energy ratings and inspections. Dedicated to being a leading structural engineering practise, we have a team of experts with a vast knowledge of the industry.

As part of our many practise areas, we offer structural engineer inspection services. If you’re looking to arrange an inspection with a company that’s established, reliable and professional, we’re a trusted choice.

Residential & Commercial Inspections

A structural engineer inspection is able to identify an array of issues and provide solutions for them. These are just some of the concerns or issues we can identify and suggest solutions for:

    • Load-Bearing Walls – We can provide a number of solutions for walls that are taking on too much weight. Whether it’s in your home or on a construction site, this can be dangerous. With a proper inspection, we can identify any issues with the load bearing structures of your building.
    • Cracked Concrete & Other Deterioration – As well as looking unsightly, cracks in concrete can be unsafe. Whether your driveway is becoming damaged due to inevitable impact or your concrete flooring is bearing too much weight on a commercial property, we can provide cracked concrete solutions.
    • Safety Inspections – If you’re building a new structure and need somebody to investigate the safety of it, our structural engineering experts can help. We can conduct thorough inspections and advise you on how to keep your structures and foundations as safe and sturdy as possible.

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Why Choose SMR?

The team at SMR are completely dedicated to the services they provide. With years of experience and expert knowledge in the structural engineering field, we’re capable of assisting with a range of structural projects.

Contact our team today on 03 977 21 979 to arrange a structural engineer inspection.

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